Patrice M. Donohue: Emanations: 10/3 – 10/26


October 3-26, 2013
Opening Reception First Thursday Art Walk October 3, 2013   5-8pm
Artist Reception Saturday October 12, 2013  4-6:30pm

Patrice Donohue explores the concept of emanation through her expanded use of wax, paper and clay.  With these mediums she builds surfaces that convey the sense of holding and breaking through, possessing the qualities of the luminous and emergent.

Artist Statement:
“The threshold between the known and the unknown is where my art begins. A prompting, a curiosity, a dare. Dreams and the resonance they carry in waking life. The penetration of the external fire activating the inner fire. The hollow bone–the portal from other to self. Numinous. Luminous. Emergent.

I work with a variety of materials and construct art in a variety of forms. I create work to experience something new about art and about myself. I strive to make work that I hope touches my viewer and connects them, however momentary, to something unexplored in themselves.”