Holiday Magic at Shift: Handles and Glyphs

Pam Galvani's "True Life" and Lee Withington's "Multiple Handles"

Pam Galvani’s “True Life” and Lee Withington’s “Multiple Handles”

It’s worth coming into Shift from the cold this month to see Lee Withington’s summery new paintings and complementary ceramics–also Pam Galvani’s calligraphic prints plus a dizzying, 16-foot-long “Chalkboard” that’s like nothing you remember from school.

In her impressive show, conTEXT, Galvani unleashes a new language of characters, symbols and glyphs, both in whimsy and in seriousness, as in her triptych responding to the Newtown shootings and the Brandenburg concertos. Her intention is to consider “the roles of placement, legibility and relationship in carrying meaning.”  By any measure, she undeniably succeeds.

In Symbols of Interface, Withington assuredly connects her globular ceramics with her acrylic paintings–colorful, ambiguous landscapes that reflect both a dreamy, geothermal zone and a lake with a floating dock.  Her chosen symbol–the dock handles you use to hoist yourself out of the water–appear in both mediums.  Her ceramics, in fact, are reminiscent of buoys bobbing lazily in the shallows.

The two shows run through Dec. 21st. Shift Gallery is open Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 5pm and by appointment.

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