Ruthie V – September 5th – 27th, 2014


“Slow Time: Landscapes and Stills”

Opening Reception: Pioneer Square Art Walk, Friday, September 5th, 5-8pm
Artist Talk: Friday September 19th, 7pm
Gallery will be open extended hours though September: Fri – Sat 12-6pm

Slow Time: Landscapes and Stills documents the afternoons spent painting in the Skagit Valley with my dear friend Mary Froderberg. Every Friday we could, Mary and I would step aside from life’s rushed business, and make space for the fullest amount of nothing at all.

Sometimes Mary and I would create the day’s adventure by carrying our paints and easels past “No Trespassing” signs, over thistle covered hills, and through windy valleys. We’d meet new people – as it is easy to meet someone when painting in their back yard. Other times we’d settle in at her cottage overlooking the Samish Islands. We’d share conversations about paint, life, and the proper way to make a cup of tea.

This body of work developed without struggle, and without stress. These works represent a new relationship: a compassionate pleasantness, and love.

Edison Slough in Snow

Edison Slough in Snow

Also part of Ruthie V’s September show at Shift:

The Portrait Project

Last year Ruthie V. painted over 100 portraits for people who visited her show. The project received some great press, including two write-ups in The Stranger, and one in the Pioneer Square Blog.

“The watercolors, as Jen Graves wrote recently, magically contain exactly “the minimum number of strokes possible to transfer this human to this paper.” -JD Salinger’s Art & Gossip in the Stranger August 2013

portrait project sample2Thank you to everyone who participated in The Portrait Project last year. The complete set of portraits are posted on Ruthie’s Facebook page.

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