Cynthia Hibbard – October 2nd – 25th, 2014


October 2nd – 25th
Cynthia Hibbard
Trash & Recycle

Opening reception Thursday, October 2nd, 5-8 P.M.

Cynthia Hibbard examines the allure of trashed or ruined artifacts in the context of contemporary, disposable culture and recycles their imagery into new prints, paintings, collages and more.

At the entrance to my favorite landfill, a tall and graceful sculpture of rusted, welded scrap metal depicts a man and woman twirling in each other’s arms.

Art resurrected from trash—the discarded, ruined and overlooked debris of everyday life that’s ripe for reconsideration and renewal new can, for me, surpass the appeal of a clever idea or a fresh, blank page.   Like wide-eyed orphans, such remnants pull me in with their resonance, mystery, or beautiful decay.

I braked in the middle of the street for a rusted dumpster in a Ballard alley.  I let my car idle to photograph bundled cardboard on a cold, windy, Sodo wharf.  Cruising industrial neighborhoods, I look for outdoor advertising that’s weathered, graffiti-marked or elegantly falling apart.

The prints, collages, paintings, drawings and sculpture in this show are based on random refuse ranging from battered doll heads, art project failures and an ancient, crumbling wall to the written word’s neglected ampersand.  They stem from unassociated ruins or ephemera lifted from reject piles and recycled.