Patrice Donohue – Oct. 31 – Nov. 29, 2014


Oct. 31st – Nov. 29th
Patrice Donohue
off plumb

Opening Reception: Thurs. Nov. 6, 5:00-8:00 pm

Artist Statement

There is often a textural element that emerges in my work. The materials I work with often lend themselves to that possibility. I use wax, clay, ink, pigment, cloth, thread and newspaper. In the past few years there has been the continued appearance of line; its intersection, its connection, between lines, between images, between art pieces. There is the extension of line forming grids and within them ladders.   These lines are created through sewing, weaving, carving, painting and photography.

In this exhibit I have a number of pieces using newspaper which expanded from a series of work I began in 2010. These works continue this concept of connection and intersection. I began this series in response to the closing of newspapers across the country.   These pieces are created to convey the density and complexity of newspapers critical role in keeping us sensitized and connected to the human story. The newspaper pieces are built from layers of newspaper either blackened or whitened with imagery emerging from them, while the surface holds stitching and weaving that provides a sense of the holding of and connecting to the immensity of the human story. One of the pieces I created for this show is an 8 foot wide/6 foot tall thick, blackened newspaper montage called “Lament” where the size, punctured texture and imagery emanate the immediacies of life.

I spend hour upon hour creating these pieces, layering story next to story, image upon image, layer upon layer, taking in the vastness and variety of the stories, the devastation and the triumphs. I love the last phase of bringing the finishing touches to the piece; the elements of sewing, weaving, the patient rubbing of ink onto the surface, the final touches that quietly bring all the stories together as one.