Craig van den Bosch – July 2nd – August 1st, 2015

Circinus Nanosystem

Circinus Nanosystem

Craig van den Bosch
“Nano Systems”

First Thursday Art Walk, July 2nd
Opening Reception, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Inspired through observation of the interdependence and connective qualities that weave through culture, biology, ecology, science, technology, sociology and architecture, the foundational concept for Nano Systems draws from print media to assemble forms that visually reflect these intersections. Structured like a mandala, circular in shape, each Nano System is an imagined automaton, based on current nanobot technology and operates at a microscopic level in parallel with our reality, a mirror of the collective unconscious. Every Nano System is comprised of geometric forms orbiting asymmetrically held together by a gravitational core. Each system, because of the intuitive and subconscious process of collage, has the potential to visually represent, as Carl Jung states, “the psychological totality of the self” on the individual, collective and conceptual level.

Each Nano System moves within a larger host called the Nanoverse. On the Nano System surface, a world unto itself, “Stories from the Nanoverse” unfold imagining the inevitability of a post human reality where technology and biology converge. In this fictitious world, despite the level of achieved control, equity, efficiency and predictability gained through technology, there is still a need to program and include the unpredictable aspects of life. Technology pursues perfection, but our cultural and personal stories come from humanity’s imperfections. As we evolve, can the balance between technology and biology be achieved without losing what makes us human?