Game: Art: Architecture – July 2nd – August 1st, 2015


“Game: Art: Architecture”

First Thursday Art Walk, July 2nd
Opening Reception, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Curated by Liz Patterson

Featuring work by: Jon Haddock, Cable Grifith, Ken Wong, Jessica Alves, Damien Gilley, Nick Falbo, Brett Johnson, and Olson-Kundig Architects. 

Game: Art: Architecture, curated by Liz Patterson, juxtaposes three mediums in search of finding similarities between them. This exhibit focuses on correlations between the user’s and viewer’s experience of space.

Similarly, architects, artists, and game artists use and have used axonometric projections as an underlying perspective in their work. Architects, originating with Theo van Doesburg from the Bauhaus, create axonometric drawings that are both functional as schematics and are beautiful in design. Artists have also used this perspective, most famously beginning with M.C. Escher, to create disorienting effects of moebius-like environments. In early game art, artists were functionally limited to axonometric spaces for game play but created an original and unique aesthetic in doing so, one which continues to be celebrated today.

Beyond sharing a common history of axonometric projections, these three mediums also take care to curate experiences for the viewer and user. In painting, your eye is often led through passage – from plane to plane, in architecture you are directed from room to room, and in games a virtual self traverses from level to level.  Additionally, in artworks that simulate game aesthetics, the viewer is invited to play the work, as the before and after stills are unconsciously envisioned. These artists intentionally blur the lines between what is real and what is virtual—conflating play with reality—and allowing that ambiguity to be productive.