Colleen Maloney – March 3rd-26th, 2016

Tacoma Art Museum

Tacoma Art Museum


March 3rd-26th, 2016
Opening: First Thurs., March 3rd, 5 – 8 pm

Artist Statement:

“Coalescence” is about merging ideas, perspectives and techniques to show the built environment around me.  I live halfway between Seattle and Tacoma, WA. Intrigued by the cityscapes in each location, I capture them not as they are, but as they inspire me. I work from photographs, both my own and others. These photos are a point of departure. I change the colors, composition and my mind as I work.

I seek out people while making art – listening, collecting and interpreting what they say. While Waterfront Park was in progress, I sent phone photos to my sister, also an artist, for advice. Using a digital painting app., she’d send suggestions. It was a fun and beneficial collaboration for both of us.

Three uniquely different etchings originate from the same scene in the Downtown Seattle Series. But a common skewed perspective provides continuity. For other “scapes”, painterly approaches with watery images in oil and ink are displayed beside prints more technical in nature.

Finally, after making decisions about a print much is left to chance once it’s put on the press – that’s the most exciting part. The press is a powerful collaborator and I admire how it keeps me loose, wondering, and often times thrilled.