Jodi Waltier – April 7-30, 2016

Waltier_crop insurance

Configurations and Mutations

April 7th-30th, 2016
Opening: First Thurs., April 7th, 5 – 8 pm

New works examining crop rotations and all things maize. Monotype, etching, collagraph and installation.

Artist Statement:

One is good, two is better. Corn kernels, that is. Into the earth. Self-pollinating stalks that support each other as they grow. Upward.

Sunlight is involved, as is water. Cornstalks shade other low-growing plants, insuring their survival, and in return, they keep the roots of the stalks cool. Without genetic manipulation, corn cobs grow in a fabulous array of diverse, unique iterations. It is the cultural significance and history of this humble crop, and the myriad of end uses we humans take advantage of, that I spent this last year researching and exploring.