Craig van den Bosch

 – May 5th-28th, 2016

Expanse 1 (detail)

Expanse 1 (detail)

Transcend Traverse

May 5th-28th, 2016
Opening: First Thurs., May 5th, 5 – 9 pm

Places exist in our known universe that can only be seen through a high-powered telescope. At best, light traveling through space gives an account of the past not the present. Dreaming of setting foot on distant worlds is relegated to science fiction; our journey becomes limited by a physical barrier, our body. What if the body could be left behind, releasing the mind into a network of channels traveling across the universe faster than light?

Engaging critical thinking about the heightened role of technology and the body, Transcend Traverse explores the ideas, ethics and possibilities of a post physical existence that hovers between fact and fiction.