Interplay: material and touch – “In Dialog” by Pam Galvani

Dissolving Margins

Dissolving Margins

At Shift Gallery through October 29

The twenty prints that make up Pam Galvani’s current show “In Dialogue” explore what happens when there is a conversation between the artist, her ideas and her materials. While the etching press, printer’s ink, pastels and sumi ink were already integral to her working process, Galvani focuses on the dance that occurs when she strives for an active dialogue between the tools and the content.

Galvani, a classically trained calligrapher, often incorporates her love for beautiful writing into her monotypes. Spontaneous gestural work contrasts with carefully controlled lines; layers of information interact with what has come before; scribbled messages both reveal and obscure the intention of the piece.

I Didn't Have Words

I Didn’t Have Words

Influenced by seeing the Degas exhibit “A Strange New Beauty” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City this past spring and by also spending a week in a drawing retreat in Oregon this summer, Galvani has incorporated new ways of printing into the work currently on show at Shift. By intentionally responding to each step in the compositional process, she becomes both the facilitator and the recorder of the dialogue between elements.