Light and Volume Into Dark: “by way of” by Patrice Donohue


at Shift Gallery through October 29

Patrice Donohue’s new body of work continues her use of newspaper as a primary medium.   She believes that the immediacy and visceral quality of the encounter with story and imagery that newspapers provide keeps viewers connected and sensitive to the human saga and to one another.  Donohue concentrates on the structuring of surface, volume, light/shadow, and materiality.  Through the accumulation of layer upon layer of newspaper she creates a tactile density that conveys the immensity of many stories contained within one space.  The content of the newspaper is obscured with dense black ink creating a veil of privacy that at the same time reveals a beautiful luminosity of light amid darkness.


This tension is an important element of Donohue’s work.  An additional element is her selectively stitched lines of thread.  Donohue refers to the sewing element as a kind of mantra, her “personal practice of hope–of binding and mending us together, over and over like a chant.”  The structure and elements of Donohue’s work create an invitation for a personal encounter and meditation on the threads that bind humankind.