Jodi Waltier – April 6th – 29th, 2017

Crutch and Wince

Jodi Waltier
April 6th – 29th, 2017
Opening: First Thursday Art Walk, April 6th 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, Noon – 5 p.m. or by appt.

‪”Arrange whatever pieces come your way.” – Virginia Woolf‬

Waltier’s ‪new work focuses on tide pools, cesspools and pools of doubt.

Splinter. Dakota Fly Over. Burden. Ethanol Cocktail. Sea Rescue. Scrappy. Anchor Chain. Against the Grain. Chafe. Headlands. Cliff Dweller. Out to Sea. Adrift. Crutch. Ravine. Over My Head. Stitch. Deep End. Plastered. Wince. Fractured.‬‪So there you have it. My pieces. Arranged or not. Splayed out for you to witness. Absorb. Cringe at. Not at all sure what I have to give. To put forth. To share. Not at all sure. But willing to trust. To believe. To believe it will come. Fruition. Healing. Moving on. ‬

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  1. Hello Everyone! Looking forward to sharing this new work, focusing on tide pools, cess pools and pools of doubt. There will be an Artist Walk Thru on April 8th at 2pm

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