Carmi Weingrod at Storefronts Seattle (South Lake Union) through July 11, 2017

Republican St. between Westlake and Boren through July 11, 2017

Shift artist Carmi Weingrod’s installation Tough Love for Storefronts Seattle is on view through July 11, 2017 in the Republican Street window, between Westlake and Boren in South Lake Union. From Weingrod’s statement on the Storefronts Seattle blog:

Tough Love is a collaboration between artist and nature. It shows what can happen when an obsessive printmaker discovers that plywood, like wine and cheese, improves with age. Especially plywood that has languished in a Central Washington meadow exposed to extremes of heat, sun, cold, and moisture. Each element chiseled away at the plywood sheets, delaminating the horizontal and vertical plies unevenly to create strangely beautiful objects with dramatic textures and irregular edges. I took over where nature left off. With a love of wood and a respect for toughness, I noted that the plywood had succumbed to time but refused to die. To accentuate the wacky beauty of nature’s work, I incorporated color and collage to inject new life into the irrepressible plywood. All the materials used in this installation are repurposed and come from both sides of the Cascade crest.