Unfettered Line and the Magic of the Press

Colleen Maloney Stadium Stairs

Colleen Maloney at Shift Gallery through Sept 30, 2017

Stephanie Hargrave

Finding the Extra in Ordinary, Colleen Maloney’s new show at Shift Gallery, lives up to its name. Through a variety of printmaking techniques, Maloney captures the places around us with vibrancy; landscapes, buildings, boats, horizons. She has always been a keen observer of everything around her. As she mentions in her statement, she remembers sitting at the back of her 3rd grade classroom drawing her classmates, paying attention to what the kids were wearing and the alphabet above the chalkboard. It gained her recognition then – her teacher held her drawings up for the class to see. Today, she is still being recognized, only galleries take the place of the classroom.

Starting with scenic photos in and around Seattle Maloney combines this realistic imagery with her own abstract elements. She hopes to kindle your emotions when you view a common scene done in an uncommon way. One piece in particular stood out – a print of a portion of Safeco Stadium from above. If you are a Seattleite, you recognize the place instantly. Her aim is certainly to elevate landscapes by taking them out of the realm of the ordinary, and this is done most dynamically with the angled view of the Stadium, and how she handles shadow, structure, side sculptures and people viewed from above. It gives a whole new meaning to going to a game. It makes it extraordinary.

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