2020 Call for Members


The fulcrum for Shift artists is the balance between consistent quality, experimentation and change. We value diverse work that is rigorous yet approachable, and each month reflects a new permutation—a shift.

Application Deadline: Now Extended to August 15th, 2019

Shift Gallery is looking for new members and a curator for 2020. We are seeking innovative, dynamic, active artists/curators who can contribute to maintaining Shift as a vibrant and relevant Seattle art space. At Shift, each member has a variety of responsibilities within a democratic, non-hierarchical structure. New members are encouraged to provide new ideas, energy, and a commitment to growing and developing the space. Artists/curators with additional skills in the following areas are desired: art handling, writing, design, curatorial experience, web design and maintenance, grant writing, networking, and community outreach. If you have any of these skills, or other related skills that you think may be valuable, please include support material in your application.

Shift is located in Seattle’s art district in Pioneer Square in the Tashiro-Kaplan arts complex at 312 S. Washington. Shift was established as an artist-run space with the primary goal of supporting emergent practicing Northwest area artists. At Shift, artists can make decisions about how their work is shown and promoted. Shift has created an atmosphere that is welcoming to the public where people can go to see art and meet the artists who create it.

Shift membership provides the opportunity to show your own work and/or curate an exhibition during a one-month period each year. Full-share Members have the entire gallery for their show and Half-share Members split the exhibit space with another Half-share Member. You have the freedom to stage an installation, show challenging or controversial work, stage a performance, or create other collaborative events. You may also participate in group exhibition opportunities and sales events that arise, for example, pop-up shows. Membership provides an opportunity to be involved in a community of artists who are interested in supporting each other and bringing new and engaging art to the community.
Art sales are currently transacted directly by the artist (no commissions are collected by Shift). All members are responsible for their own taxes and accounting.

New members agree to a one-year contract commitment. If you are not able to commit for a year, please do not apply. Full-share members pay $140/month, and Half-share members pay $70/month. Monthly payments cover the rent and other operating expenses equitably among all members. Shift has no employees – all money goes into rent, organizational expenses and material costs to run the gallery. All members take on defined responsibilities for various aspects of gallery operation. Members are responsible for paying dues and carrying out their gallery job responsibility for the entire calendar year even if they elect to drop their membership before the year is out. Members may incur other expenses if providing beverages or food for openings, as well as covering the cost of publicity, exhibition cards, etc. Each member covers sitting Fridays and Saturdays for their own show month.

Please submit applications by E-mail only and include the following: (please label your files using these conventions)

Last name – first name – 01 – title – media – size – year
Ten jpg images of work at 72 dpi. Images must not exceed 900 pixels in any dimension.

Last name – first name – image list
Corresponding inventory list: number, title, medium and date.

Last name – first name – resume
Current resume.

Last name – first name – statement
Brief artist statement.

Last name – first name – letter of intent
Contact information and website address.

A short description of your additional skills as pertains to Shift Gallery.
A brief statement about why you would like to join Shift.
Curators are welcome to submit ideas for solo/group exhibitions. Please send the above materials, and in the statement describe concepts and include support materials from previously curated exhibitions.

Send all materials to info@shiftgallery.org with “Shift New Member Application – your name” on the subject line. Put all files into one zip file before attaching if possible.

August 15th, 2019

Please note that the final decision on new members will not be made until the Fall.

If you have questions, please contact us at: info@shiftgallery.org