Becky Street

Horse Sense

I was horse crazy growing up in suburban St. Louis and the poignancy of that time has never left me. In Horse Sense, I revisit all the things equine that infused my girlhood – my library of classic, horse themed novels, a collection of plastic horses that were popular in the ‘60s and my collection of Marlboro Man magazine ads. When I was 9, my father, Gene, rewarded me for a good report card with the real thing. He was a big, white gelding I named “Treasure,” because I adored him. Every spare moment I tended him and rode him at a stable not far from our home. There I met other horse-mad girls and was enriched by our special community. My father, who devoted endless hours to transporting us horsey girls and our trailered steeds was very much a part of the scene. At 98, he still enjoys remembering “the horse years.” This show is dedicated to him.