Amanda C. Sweet


Amanda C. Sweet takes a closer look at the intertidal zones of Puget Sound in her newest body of work. “Intertidal” is composed of colorful, abstract paintings that capture the imagined seashore that is revealed at low tide. The artist relies on intuition and experimentation to advance the works. Chance alignments and overlapping gestures are used to conjure the essence of the sea’s reversing currents. The artist’s tools—her personal bank of stencils derived from observational field studies and a collection of acrylic spray paints—enable her to repeat and rearrange recorded tidal movements into surprising, harmonious reconfigurations. With each layer comes the welcome challenge of finding balance within the elements. Sweet has long pursued an interest in natural phenomena occurring in these zones. In “Intertidal,” she captures both the quiet whimsy of the sea and the vibrant strength of its undercurrent



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