Online Marketplace to Benefit Wa Na Wari

November 15th – December 19th

Wa Na Wari is a place that, ‘Creates space for Black ownership, possibility and belonging, through art, historic preservation and connection.’  It is also the best place in Seattle to see stellar exhibitions by premier Black artists in the country today.

Shift Gallery artists want, most of all, to show our support for this essential art space, and to become part of the change that is needed at this time, and in this place.

Art Access Article about Wa Na Wari and Shift Gallery

 Please contact individual artists for questions, sales and delivery. Contact links, found below the slide show, are provided for your convenience.  All proceeds from sales will be donated to Wa Na Wari. Thank you!

Colleen Maloney
Misha Sarani
Robin Arnitz,
Susan Mask,
Peggy Murphy,
Amanda C.Sweet,
Cynthia Hibbard,
Becky Street,
Anna Macrae,
Karen Klee-Atlin,
Karey Kessler,
Anne Marie Nequette,
Kara Mia Fenoglietto,
Barbara Shaiman,
Lynda Harwood-Swenson,