Lynda Harwood-Swenson | Color, Light, and Space

April 1st thru May 1st, 2021

With a focus on translucent color, veils of light, and simple shapes within a space, this body of work references both landscape and moments of ethereal beauty.

I created the majority of this work in residency at InCahoots Press in Petaluma, California this past fall. It was a strange time to be there. Fires were all around us, the atmosphere was heavy and at times surreal. In the altered light, the rounded landscape and rolling hills of the region began to look like simplified forms, translucent and layered against themselves. I often work on landscape compositions to situation myself in a new place, and to document my experience. The round and oval forms of the landscape soon evolved and began to represent myself and other residents moving throughout the day as we gathered and separated, sometimes connected and layered, and sometimes standing apart.

Virtual Artist Talk to be published on YouTube, Saturday, April 10th at 1pm

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