Anna Macrae / Mundane Occupation

5/17/2021 – 8/30/2021
Harrison St / Boren Ave N, South Lake Union, Seattle

This work is about honoring the mundane

For the most part, most of us live pretty un-extraordinary lives, filled with routine and domesticity.

I have woven familiar household detritus and artifacts together in such a way to create unexpected new structures and surfaces. The complexity and compositions of these sculptural forms describe events and narratives of the apparently average

By giving these objects license to morph somewhere between appearing to be both precious objects and also debris, I hope to we might question the value of what is mundane.  

I invite the viewer to consider their own connection and experiences to the embedded treasures as they make discoveries beneath the surface. 

Capturing moments in time, valuing those small pieces that make up the seemingly average – knowing that they are important and can be seen, if you know how to look.