Sung I Chun | Presence

April 6 – 29, 2023

Opening / First Thursday Art Walk: April 6, 5-8pm

The body allows infinitude and boundless capacity and physical presence in this world. But it needs to be taken care of and could be a burden. Based on one’s means, one gets a larger seat, bed, house, and etc. Chun’s minimum required body space in different postures will be transformed into sculptural blocks depicting her physical presence with weight and volume. These blocks will displayed by gradual order of crouching, sitting, standing, and etc.

Sung I Chun, Presence, clay on scale, 2023
Sung I Chun, My Minimal Volume/Space: Crouching, foamboard, H:24.5xW:14xD:19.75 inches, 2023
Sung I Chun, My Minimal Volume/Space: Standing/Lying, foamboard, H:63.375xW:16.5xD:9.75 inches, 2023

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