Amanda Triplett Terra Incognito

Amanda Triplett is creating a land art piece for Terra Incognita, a interdisciplinary, site-specific land art exhibition in Troutdale, Oregon, featuring over twenty-five artists exploring mindful interaction and collaboration with the site: a 4.5-acre microcosm of natural elements.

The event happens at the Verdancy Project, August 19th, 20th, 26th and 27th 10am – 4pm. For Amanda’s project, Metamorphic Lessons from Nature: Decomposition, Transmutation and Reformation, Himalayan blackberry vines and English Ivy, both invasive and non-native species, are harvested from the site and then woven back into the installation. Cotton muslin dyed with madder root is stitched into an aerial piece gracing the arching branches. Terra Incognita is produced by The Verdancy Project (TVP) in collaboration with curators Shannon Amidon, Lauren Carrera, Merridawn Duckler, Kendra Roberts, and Joellen Sweeney. The exhibit is hosted on the property of TVP, a multidisciplinary community-oriented art experiment with a mission of fostering curiosity and inspiring environmental stewardship.BIMA

SPOTLIGHT EXHIBITION 6/30/2023 – 9/10/2023

Metamorphic Lessons from Nature: Decomposition, Transmutation and Reformation
Resilient Escapment, Amanda Triplett