Innovating Art Spaces panel discussion | July 29, 2023

Please join us for:

Innovating Art Spaces: A panel discussion exploring alternative gallery models.

Saturday, July 29, starting at 5:30pm

Join us for an enlightening and thought-provoking evening as we present a panel discussion at Shift Gallery featuring representatives from Pacific Northwest alternative galleries including Shift Gallery, Waterstone Gallery and SOIL, COCA and Method Gallery. This engaging event offers a unique opportunity to learn about non traditional galleries and their unique role in the cultural ecosystem.

This enlightening event brings together artist representatives from cooperative galleries, artist-run spaces, and other innovative models to share their diverse experiences and insights. Delve into the distinctive aspects of these alternative gallery models and explore how they foster inclusivity, collaboration, and a supportive environment for artists to thrive.

During the panel discussion, the artist representatives will share their personal journeys within different gallery models. They will shed light on the advantages and intricacies of working collectively, discussing the ways in which art spaces can  foster creative community, encourage experimentation, and provide a platform for emerging and established artists.

This program aims to inspire and educate artists, art enthusiasts, and curators who are interested in exploring alternative gallery models. By showcasing the panelists’ diverse experiences and perspectives, attendees will gain valuable insights into the inner workings of various gallery models, helping them make informed decisions about their own artistic endeavors or gallery ventures.

Whether you are an artist seeking a supportive community or a curator contemplating the co-op gallery model as an alternative to traditional gallery structures, this panel discussion will provide invaluable knowledge and guidance.

July 29 is also the last day of the group show Parallel Practice, showcasing work by artists from Waterstone Gallery (Portland, OR) alongside that of Shift member artists.

Works by artists from Waterstone Gallery and Shift Gallery co-mingle in ‘Parallel Practice’ on view at Shift July 6-29, 2023.