Xavier Kelley | Masai

In the window September 7– 30, 2023

Opening / First Thursday Art Walk: September 7, 5-8pm

Shift Gallery is pleased to present the work of diversity award grantee Xavier Kelley in the window space for the month of September.

Xavier Raymond Kelley, Masai, 2022, acrylic on canvas, 54 x 72″, $10,000

Xavier Kelley’s abstract and informative art style on canvas started out as graffiti art in sketchbooks during his childhood. Xavier likens his artistic practice to that of a music producer, sampling records from various time periods to incorporate into his own pieces. Along with drawing inspiration from scientific themes, like quantum physics, Xavier’s creative process also draws heavily from Afrofuturism. The result is the construction of a greater narrative throughout his pieces, not bound by the linear concept of time.

The multi-dimensional world that Xavier brings to life in his art has been catalyzed by a specific visual motif – the Jumper’s Foot, which represents the athletic form, technique, movement and planning required for marginalized people to move up in contemporary society. Certain groups are not afforded the privilege to maneuver society flat-footed, metaphorically speaking. Xavier hopes viewers of his art are inspired to open their minds to varying interpretations of the human experience.

Xavier’s work can also be seen at the Washington Athletic Club through October 30, and on the cover of the September 2023 issue of Elle Decor that features Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe.

The window faces S. Washington street and is visible 24/7.