Karey Kessler, Aaliyah Gupta, JoEllen Wang, Tara Tamaribuchi | Site/Non-Site

May 2 – June 1, 2024

Opening/First Thursday Art Walk: May 2, 5 – 8 pm
Artist panel moderated by UW Prof. Jason Groves: June 1, 2—4pm

Site/Non-Site explores the idea of place through the lens of absence, impermanence, fragmentation and time.

Aaliyah Gupta engages with notions of place and absence, memory and history, borders and belonging. Her maps are an exploration of cartography and memory – maps we hold in our hearts but no longer exist, fragments we piece together to preserve the landscapes of our memory.

JoEllen Wang is especially interested in nomadic shelters and thinking about what is permanent vs temporary. Her hyper-realistic paintings of tarps leave out the RV or structure beneath them and the subtraction serves to highlight people and places unseen.

Tara Tamaribuchi reflects on diasporic psychology, both backwards and future-facing, while traveling in an ancestral land that is both home and foreign. She connects historic Japanese tourism photography and panoramic screen painting with today’s iPhone panorama, as it glitches and connects the scene of traveling through time and space.

Karey Kessler explores the space between place and thought and between space and time. Using the imagery of cartography, she delves into the entangled ways in which the external world around us and the internal worlds within us are interconnected.

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Karey Kessler


Aaliyah Gupta

JoEllen Wang

Tara Tamaribuchi

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