Liz Copland, Genny Costin, Laura Todd | Keepsakes

February 1 – March 2, 2024

Opening/First Thursday Art Walk: February 1, 5 – 8 pm
Meet the Artists: Feb 10th, 1 – 3 pm

Using the word keepsakes as a starting point, Copland, Todd and Costin investigate ideas around memory, space, and preservation. By venerating moments of transformation and revelation, these new two- and three-dimensional works create a bridge between our understanding of the past and our experiences in an ever-evolving present. Here is how each of these three artists approached the theme:

Liz Copland’s statement: Objects can contain important memories and symbolize relationships. Through a series of new works, ceramicist Elizabeth Copland invites you to consider how we preserve precious objects and memories, and what we choose to share or pass along to future generations. Ceramic boxes, baskets and vessels invite viewers to reflect on how they preserve and care for objects of memory, how we store and care for beloved objects and to consider what happens when an object takes on a new meaning? Whimsical and animated, these containers of memory take on a life of their own.

Genny Costin’s statement: Storing and retaining memories of past experiences and learned knowledge without objects can make memories difficult to keep. By exploring how the pieces of our life naturally tend to intertwine as we move through the world, Costin examines how some pivotal moments could ultimately become abstractions. Through a topographical lens, she imagines the entanglement of experience and how we may attempt to manage the memory of those connections.

Laura Todd’s statement: How are memories stored in flat, two-dimensional space? Laura Todd uses square and rectangular formats to contemplate the representation of remembered landscape in this new body of work. Todd collects her visual experience of Pacific Northwest beaches, hilltops, and valleys by making quick ink sketches. Back in the studio, she uses those field notes as a starting point to reinterpret and recollect locations. A history of mark-making emerges as Todd builds layers of glaze and drags brushes, sticks or rags across the wood and canvas surfaces. Vestiges of mountain shapes or horizon lines from earlier points in time overlap drips, scratches, and stains. Todd’s paintings offer viewers an archive of how memory reshapes perception when real landscape is translated to constructed surfaces.

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