Shift at 20 | Anniversary Show

July 11-17, 2024

Opening/Thursday Art Walk: July 11, 5 – 8 pm
Past/Present Member Reception: July 13, 4 – 7 pm
Artist Meet & Greet: Saturday, June 27, 2 – 4pm


Shift Gallery announces our 20 year Anniversary Show – Shift At 20, a celebration of the original founders and past members.
Twenty years ago, a band of Bellingham artists wanting to show their work in Seattle reached down from the northland to make their dream happen. Bypassing commercial galleries, they rented space amid the burgeoning art scene here in the Tashiro Kaplan building and created their own artist-run gallery. They were transporting their vision, changing things up. They called the gallery Shift.
Fast forward twenty years and Shift still thrives as a high-quality, independent artist-run art space where freedom of expression and innovation flourish. More than 150 well-regarded member artists and guests have passed through Shift’s portals over the years—a well-loved representation of whom we celebrate in our 20-year Anniversary Show.
Shift at 20 will feature current and former members pairing work in a dialogue between past and present.
Guest Artists include Carmi Weingrod, Eric Chamberlain, Dawn Endean, Ken Burns, June Sekiguchi, Colleen Maloney, Mary Coss, Stephanie Hargrave, Patrice Donohue, Joseph Pentheroudakis, Barbara Shaiman, Leah Gerrard, Pam Galvani, David Traylor, Scott Coffey, Emma Jane Royer and others.


About Shift Gallery:

Shift is an artist-run gallery that opened in December 2004 in the renovated Tashiro-Kaplan arts complex, an artist live/work building in the Pioneer Square district of Seattle. The gallery was founded by artists Garth Amundson, Stephen Chalmers, Cara Jaye, Pierre Gour and Joni Papp with the primary goal of creating more freedom for artists to exhibit outside of normal gallery strictures. They aimed to support a cross-section of Northwest-area artists who work in a variety of media and who are dedicated to creating challenging and innovative art.

The founders’ dedication to exploration and rigorous content carries forward today. Shift exists as an exhibition space in which its member artists can test ideas, take risks, or refine directions that advance their work. 

Gallery is open Fridays and Saturdays 11am – 4pm and for special events listed above, face coverings encouraged (policy subject to change).