Sung I Chun and Stephanie Krimmel | Metatopology

April 4-27, Shift Gallery

Opening/First Thursday Art Walk – April 4, 5-8pm
Closing/Meet the Artists – April 27, 2-4pm

Sung I Chun and Stephanie Krimmel cooperate to present “Metatopology”, an experiential exhibit delving into the interplay between self and society.

Chun and Krimmel’s art practices share an interest in creating novel forms of self-portraiture, Chun through sculptures representing empirical measurements such as weight and volume of the body, and Krimmel with daily creative expression of physical and emotional experiences that take form as colorful and large-scale paper sculpture installations. 

In this exhibition both artists explore the vulnerable and two-way relationships between our personal intentions and societal expectations. Through diverse media, including interactive installations and thought-provoking sculptures, the exhibition explores how our perceptions of self and our ideals are dynamically shaped and transformed by the rich tapestry of social influences that surround us.

Music for this show has been curated by student DJs at c89.5, an award winning and influential radio station on the cutting edge of dance music worldwide. Owned by Seattle Public Schools with studios located at Nathan Hale high school, c89.5 offers students experience in production, programming, on-air presentation and music selection and is largely funded by community support. Hear the playlist on Spotify! Learn more and support the station at

  • Is context ‘ownable’?
  • Is experience something you can buy?
  • How can we hear ourselves in all this noise?
  • There are a lot of words in the art – which resonate with you most? Why?
  • Would the words mean something else if they were outside of this exhibition?
  • Why do you think the artists chose the materials they used?
  • How is the meaning of the works influenced by their arrangement in the space?
  • What can you infer about the intent of the works from the title of the show?
  • Why do you think the artists invite visitors to manipulate some of the works? In your opinion, does this increase or decrease the value of the art?
  • Why do you think the artists included visible price tags on everything?
  • What questions would you like to ask the artists?
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