Artist Statement 

I make abstracted landscapes through painting, print and installation work. My warm pallet of transparent colors layer against each other and sometimes take on sculptural form using resin and wood. 

This last year I have been experimenting with a thicker, textural style, using expressive mark making that reveals mood and emotion depending on the narrative I’m seeking to express. My work moves between two viewpoints:  the wide horizon and the interior landscape of personal experience, the duality of those views is a continual theme in my work.


Lynda Harwood-Swenson | Les Femmes

October 6 — October 29, 2022

Lynda Harwood-Swenson

Immune Most of this work was started before the duel crisis of the pandemic and


Lynda Harwood-Swenson at Shift Gallery through March 2, 2019   Peggy Murphy Land of Nowhere is all

Lynda Harwood-Swenson – Feb. 7-March 2, 2019

  Land of Nowhere Feb. 7 – March 2, 2019 Opening: First Thursday, Feb. 7,