Carolyn Gracz

Carolyn Gracz is a Seattle-based artist who has been making prints for several years. Her many years as a graphic designer influences her work in the printmaking medium.

Artist Statement
I find my inspiration by exploring the places that I travel. Their ancient monuments, contemporary architecture and light and shadow all intersect, meld together and find a place in my artwork. The prints in Land Marks explore the crossings and markings of humans on the landscape, both ancient and contemporary, and were inspired by a trip to Ireland. Chasing down remote ring forts, stone circles and Ogham stones of the Beara Peninsula; traveling the Dingle Peninsula on my own ‘pilgrimage’ route to Gallarus Observatory, Kilmalkedar Church, beehive huts, promontory forts and castle ruins. I hope you enjoy your walk through Ireland, seen through my eyes.

2016: Slyly Whispered Secrets
2015: An Artful Slant: “Perspective” by Carolyn Gracz






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