Colleen Leahy

Colleen Leahy is a printmaker living on Bainbridge Island, Washington with a studio practice that includes traditional printmaking and non-toxic and non-traditional methods of printmaking.  She has been printing for the last eleven years in her Bainbridge studio and at Pratt Art Institute in Seattle.

She has studied at Gage Academy, Pratt Arts Institute, the University of Washington in Seattle and Washington State University in Pullman. Her work has been shown in the Pacific Northwest, Sun Valley, Idaho, Palm Springs, CA and Los Angeles, CA.  She is a member of Seattle Print Arts and Artist Trust.

Artist Statement:
Plans and expectations can route life in definite directions, but inevitably you find those moments to do what contents the heart.  For me those moments have been about making art.   While I am primarily a printmaker, I have explored figurative oils and watercolor in the last several years.  That has given way to a more layered approach to printing, combined with my continued emphasis on organic composition  My recent travels to Indonesia and Morocco have moved me toward non-representational work that still evokes a specific time and place.



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