Colleen Maloney


Lessons Learned

Did you ever play school as a kid? Colleen Maloney did. She loved school, majored in art education, worked at a college and continually took classes throughout her career. It is no wonder that she gravitated to online learning during the pandemic.

As a printmaker, for the past 6 years she has exhibited a variety of themes and techniques at Shift Gallery. She was excited about the serigraphy she was doing for her 2020 show. But at the end of February she no longer had access to a Lessons press or darkroom. The Gallery’s name became her directive. She had to make a shift. 

In quarantine she started taking online classes from Peggi Kroll Roberts. She developed a new approach to composition, allowing color to define shape.She relied less on line to tell the story. Known for creating ambiguity in her prints, she continued to use quirky placement of subjects with luscious color. She tried to simplify, simplify, simplify. 

And now, most importantly, she is learning to not “over-think”, to explore and to take more chances.

Instagram: @cmaloney68

Clamorous #2, serigraph, 11 x 15, 2019, $200
Click to view Side by Side, by Colleen Maloney & Linda Katz