Crista Matteson

Crista Matteson has a BFA in Textiles from the California College of Art in San Francisco.   She studied glass and metal work at Pratt Fine Art Center where she was awarded the John and Mary Shirley Glass Scholarship and the Poncho Pratt Scholarship awards. She is currently studying figure sculpting in the Sculpture Atelier program at the Gage Academy of Art.

Crista combines ceramic, kiln cast glass, cast bronze and textiles to create narrative sculpture and installation. She is also a member of the Northwest Designer Craftsmen.

Artist Statement:

My current work derives both from my observations of nature and my love of story telling. From the fantastical imagery of Magical Realist authors and Fairy Tales, to Young Adult Fiction that deals with ”coming of age”, to the daily news and public radio programs like the Moth Radio Hour, my work draws on these for inspiration to weave together my own narratives. Narratives set in a world of unknown flora and fauna.

The technical challenge of combining components of kiln cast lead crystal, low fired ceramics and cast bronze is exciting to me. Each material has it’s own particular beauty and strength. My hope is to create work that has a visually intriguing impact on the viewer. An impact that stands up to the complexity of the narrative.

In September 2015 I will have a solo show based on story telling. The exhibit will have small works as well as life size figures set within an installation of larger than life plants.



Facebook: Crista Matteson Artist

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