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Shift Window

Miha Sarani and Sylvia Kurin

 “Gallery View” is an installation that reflects work and life during the Year of the Plague. Since the awful threat of COVID-19 sparked a mass retrenchment of society in March 2020, our homes became our world, and our economic, social and emotional wellbeing withered within the confines of four walls. 

A recent leap in technology allowed some of us to continue working remotely via platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. For many these screens were also our only connection to loved ones, especially those who were more vulnerable to the virus, or far-flung families separated by international travel prohibitions and quarantines. Unexpectedly, these screens also provided us a novel window into the lives of others, as we all cared for our kids and pets and progressed through the litany of daily chores in front of the cameras. Once more, humankind proved it could adapt.