Jodi Waltier

“My garden should be like nature, without apparent logic. You cannot see it and you certainly cannot understand it, but you just sense the logic.”
~ Henk Gerritsen Priona, Holland


Since logic has taken its leave, for/from so many as of late, my default button is the garden. Any garden, anywhere. If anything is to make sense to me, I find my clarity of vision operating at a tolerable level or better, when I am outside, amongst living things, that consistently break the rules, if there ever were any, and thrive.

Sometimes seeking, sometimes finding solace, joy, safe harbor, nourishment of body, mind, and spirit. Like a test on the planet, I can’t get everything I want from it, but always seem to get something I didn’t know I needed.

Trees rustling, birds chirping, singing, warning.
Flowers emitting divine scent or heinous aroma.
Ripe fruits burst open.
Weeds become nutritious offerings when recognized by the slow learner.
Roots become baskets when gathered as such.
Soil and plants enrich themselves when allowed to be left to their cycles.
It is a circle I see in everything.
It is umbilical.
Round and round and round.
Ladders go up and down
Circles move things, catch things, contain things.
An equal partnership.
Spokes on a wheel.
Grab on!
Untether the wheel and be a spoke, that reinforces the wheel that turns and moves and gets er done.


Um #6, ink and wool on paper, 6 x 6, 2020, $100