Jodi Waltier

Born in Tacoma, WA
BFA University of Washington
Printmaker, Painter, Fiber Arts Instructor

After a quarter of a century of working alongside multi-generational communities in a variety of creative settings, around the globe, Jodi has settled into a period of home studio practice, determined discipline, and robust art exploration. There will be fiber, there will be paper and there will be ink. Wait for it…and surely, inspiration from some smashed cast-off found on the ground and the story that goes along with it.

Artist Statement

Recent work took aim at personal recovery issues and the challenges faced after a broken leg and subsequent setbacks associated with mobility and depression. It was primarily abstract with some leanings towards representational imagery and cubism. Motifs repeat themselves in different series, communicating messages outwards as part of the healing process. Current work highlights the focus on travel, up up and away from this astral plain. The alchemy associated with the mystery of my indigo vat/iron/cotton experiments proves beyond a doubt to me that one can only manipulate and control things for so long before one’s gaskets fail. Letting go and recognizing value in the process turns out to be the best ‘break’ of all.

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