Leah Gerrard


I use steel wire and basketry techniques to create abstract sculpture, striving to inspire emotion and connection in the viewer through form.

When creating a piece, I work towards a lyrical quality that encourages one to stop and breathe for a second or two. My process of building a sculpture is slow and meditative, my hope is that the viewers experience will be informed by that process.

My aesthetic is influenced by my immediate surroundings: the industrial districts of Seattle and the forests of Washington. I have worked in hundred-year-old buildings rich with Seattle’s history, and also spent many hours in the woods. In the Pacific Northwest, I have been able to continually move from industry to nature—and my work reflects that flow, growth, and tension.

Website:  leahgerrard.com

Moonlight 2, steel wire, 72 x 80 x 16, 2018, $3,500