Lee Withington

Lee Withington is a Seattle based abstract artist who offers parallels between nature and the human condition through paintings and ceramic forms.

Artist statement

Uncovering and experiencing the transitional moments in our lives—the moments where we make conscious and unconscious choices—keeps me intrigued and searching for discovery through painting. For me, these experiences can hover somewhere between reality and fantasy. By using symbols in nature such as water, man-made objects and color, I seek to express a transitory moment, a place between the present and a point where a change in our experience requires us to make a choice.

Process informs my work. Using diluted washes of paint, I immerse myself in the physical action of pushing and pulling paint across the canvas. Embracing the unpredictable results, I begin to see layers of shadows and ghosts emerge. My physical immersion in painting—the blending and merging of shapes and color—is my method of discovery and expression.

The 3D work is an outgrowth of my painting process. These objects also express a link between the real and unreal. I offer the ceramics in conversation with my paintings, each informing the other. The development and interplay of the 2D and 3D work has brought me to a deeper understanding of my artistic process.

Website: http://leewithington.com/