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Aug 1 – 4, 2019
Century Link Event Center

We are proud to announce Shift will exhibit at the Seattle Art Fair in
the gallery’s third consecutive year!

Participating Shift Artists:  Robin Arnitz, Leah Gerrard, Stephanie Hargrave, Cynthia Hibbard, Karey Kessler, Karen Klee-Atlin, Anna Macrae, Amanda C. Sweet, David Traylor, Jodi Waltier. Curator: Nichole DeMent

Based in Seattle, a city as renowned for its natural beauty as its cultural landscape, the fair brings together the region’s strong collector base; local, national, and international galleries;  area museums and institutions; and an array of innovative public programming. Founded in 2015 by Paul G. Allen, the Seattle Art Fair is produced by Vulcan Arts + Entertainment and Art Market Productions.

CenturyLink Field Event Center
1000 Occidental Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98134

Collectors Preview: Thursday, August 1, 3:30pm – 6:00pm

Opening Night Preview: Thursday, August 1, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Fair Hours:
Friday, August 2, 11:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday, August 3, 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday, August 4, 11:00am – 6:00pm


Shift Artist Stephanie Hargrave is showing at Matzke Gallery on Camano Island.

Light & Dark:  Botanical Works + Hybrid Series

On View:  June 29 – Mid-August

OPENING Reception:  June 29, 5-7pm

Location:  2345 Blanche Way, Camano Is., WA 98282

Matzke Fine Art


Shift artist Anne Marie Nequette is showing at Mithun Architects Threshold Gallery

Sea Change:  At the Intersection of Great Cities and Sea Level Rise
On view: June 6 – July 31, 2019
Reception: June 6, 2019 5-7pm

Anne Marie Nequette’s Sea Change reflects a deep concern with the “profound or notable transformation” caused by climate change, and uses abstracted landscapes in paint/collage that also reflect her background in sculpture, installation and architecture.

Although tremendous human displacement is already being caused by flooding, hurricanes and drought, the focus of this work is the unimaginable effect on people living in densely populated coastal cities as sea levels continue to rise. These works are chosen from a list of twenty-one of the most at-risk cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Jakarta, Delhi, Karachi and New York City.

The population figures come from governmental sources for their metropolitan areas. The works are named for the people, their cities, and the date of the most current population data, reflecting the underestimate that it represents: i.e., ‘Tokyo, 37.8 million (2016)’.


Shift Artists Karey Kessler and Anna Macrae are showing at the Tacoma Art Museum:

Abstraction Haiku
On view April 5th – June 30, 2019
Reception Thursday, April 18th, 5 – 8 pm

The Abstraction Haiku brings together seven abstract painters from the Tacoma and Seattle area whose works signify important dichotomies inherent to abstraction.  The exhibition catapulted from two abstract paintings in TAM’s permanent collection seemingly on opposite ends of abstraction’s pictorial spectrum, specifically:  John Franklin Koenig’s Lamento and Robert C. Jones’ Mermaid/Sphinx.

The title centers on an idea of abstraction as haiku, which points to the intentional use of paired visual dichotomies as a way of focusing on a brief moment in time; a use of provocative, colorful images; an ability to be read in one breath; and a sense of sudden enlightenment and illumination. This describes well the experience of looking at abstract painting and directly relates to each artist in this exhibit.

Other participating artists of the Northwest Abstractionists include: Deanne Belinoff, Dede Falcone, Teresa Getty, Angela Wales, and Audrey Tulimiero Welch.

Karery Kessler


Anna Macrae


Shift Artist Anna Macrae is on the cover of the CoCA exhibition catalog for Motherland.

2019 CoCA Members Show – Motherland
Center on Contemporary Art 114 Third Ave S Seattle, WA 98104


Shift Artist Amanda C. Sweet will exhibit her painting Undercurrent No. 1 at James May Gallery’s annual exhibition.

ART OF WATER III – An exhibition celebrating our most vital resource

Water is the most crucial resource for life. James May Gallery is showing all mediums of work in an exhibition focusing on water. The work focuses on serious topics such as water conservation and protection, but it also celebrates the simple beauty of water. There is something about water that attracts and fascinates us. It is our hope that by celebrating the beauty and necessity of water in all our lives that we can better protect it.

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 3, 2019, 5-8pm
Show Duration:
May 3 – May 31, 2019

James May Gallery
213 Steele St. Algoma, WI

Artist Website:
James May Gallery Website:


Shift Artist Leah Gerrard will be showing at Gallery 4Culture

Opening: Thursday, April 4, 2019, 6:00 — 8:00 pm
Artist Talk: Thursday, April 25, 6:00 pm

Leah Gerrard’s intricate wire sculptures are informed by an archeology of memories.

In 1973, Federico Fellini condensed a Romanoglo phrase, A m’arcord, meaning “I remember,” into Amarcord to title his semi-autobiographic film. The headline has now become a neologism of Italian language, something akin to nostalgic recall.
Leah Gerrard’s collection of sinuous wire and found object sculptures are loosely derived from memories of her past. Some forms, although highly abstracted, were created with specific places and times in mind –full moon walks and late-night wanderings– while others are more evasive, revealing their origins only after creation.
In Sentiment, more than telling an actual story, Gerrard conveys feelings or moods for which we don’t have words. The organic shapes that populate the gallery create strong shadows and evoke a vague sense of familiarity, like shared secrets or collective dreams.
Leah Gerrard uses steel wire and basketry techniques to create abstract sculpture, inspiring emotion and connection through form.

She was born in Seattle and studied art at Linfield College and Cornish College of the Arts. In 2016, Gerrard received an Artist Trust Fellowship and was recently accepted into Shift Gallery and Northwest Designer Craftsmen.


Shift Artist Stephanie Hargrave will be showing in Brooklyn, NY

She’ll be in attendance for the opening at M. David & Co. March 8, 2019

This is part of a residency with Michael David with six other artists.  Her project is a study of Entomology and Etymology. More information:  Art Fair Residency Program, NY 2019


Shift Artist Karey Kessler will be showing in North Carolina

She’ll be in attendance for the opening February 3, 2019

Show Link

Art on Paper 2019: The 45thExhibition
Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC.
The show runs from Feb. 3rd – May 5th

Art on Paper celebrates contemporary art in which the use of paper—either as surface or material—is a primary concern. Since 1965 the Weatherspoon’s Art on Paper exhibition has charted a history of contemporary art through outstanding works on paper. Art on Paper offers community members the exciting opportunity to purchase art, as all works in the show are for sale. Proceeds go directly to the artists and their galleries. The Dillard Fund and xpedx have provided long-standing support for the Weatherspoon to acquire selections from each Art on Paper exhibition for The Dillard Collection of Art on Paper, which now numbers over 570 examples. The collection includes noteworthy and established artists such as Robert Smithson, Howardena Pindell, Joseph Stella, Louise Bourgeois, and Lee Krasner. Contemporary artists added to the collection include Diana al-Hadid, Amy Cutler, Rosemarie Fiore, Toyin Ojih Odutola, and Saya Woolfalk.

The exhibition opens to the public on Sunday, February 3.

The exhibition is organized by Elaine D. Gustafson, Curator of Collections at the Weatherspoon, with support from special exhibition sponsors Lisa and Willie Bullock, and purchases supported by The Dillard Fund. 


From The Stranger Blog – click the link below for article with images

There Are No Perks to Being a Wallflower: A Discussion with Kara Mia Fenoglietto on “Body as Sculpture”

by Jasmyne Keimig • Jan 21, 2019 at 12:55 pm

“Wallflower” at Shift Gallery Courtesy of Shift

I was surprised at the determination with which Seattle-based artist Kara Mia Fenoglietto was unhinging the mannequin’s arm. She was trying to take off a beautiful coat made of silk organza that she’d constructed for her first solo show at Shift Gallery, Wallflower, to demonstrate what it looked like on a Real Human Body. I attempted to help her.

I gingerly palmed the bald mannequin’s head in an effort to steady it as Fenoglietto wrenched off the appendage. She set the arm down on the floor and carefully slid the coat off the model, judiciously wrapping herself in it. Stuffed with dried flowers and cotton, the coat crinkled quietly. She looked like she was engulfed in the sweetest smelling cloud.

Fenoglietto moved to the Seattle area four years ago from Chicago, where she studied fashion design at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. “I think a lot of the time when people think of fashion design they think of the material and consumerism aspect of it, but my approach has always been from ‘body as sculpture.’”

Her show is a mixture of garments worn by mannequins, garments hung on the wall, garments smushed between two plates of clear plexiglass and propped up on display. I found myself drawn to “Upside Down,” which was composed of a green velvet dress between these plexiglass plates. This entrapment really lets you appreciate the texture of the velvet in a way that’s difficult to when it’s worn as a functional piece of clothing.

As anyone who has worn pantyhose can attest to, the smushed quality of the velvet reminds me of the lines that those underthings leave on your belly and thighs, marking you, shaping you, putting you in your body in a very specific type of way. I always thought it served as a reminder of how far “out of bounds” your body goes, forever pinching what it doesn’t like about you. Perhaps that the point.

The name of the show is manifested in “Just Woke Up Like This,” a dress made out of brocade—a fabric that is mostly used in upholstery and drapes. Fenoglietto told me that when making this garment she was thinking about the idea of women traditionally being like wallflowers, “camouflaged into the environment they’re in.” This led to her incorporating tapestry and interior inspired fabrics into her show. “I was creating these scenarios or daydreams in my head, of people being twisted into drapes or couches and having their garments interact with that scene.”

Another stand-out piece from the show was her “Oversized Quilted Cape.” It’s hung flat on the wall for display, but there’s a hole in it meant for your arm to go through, a button to secure it all together. If you look closely you can see little bits of fabric, lace, and other trinkets amongst the dried flowers and stuffing. Fenoglietto drew from the practice of quilting, which was a traditional “women’s craft,” and interrupting it by using a slick fabric like silk organza. She tells me that the garment captures emotions and movements, entrapping chaos.

This is her first year as a member of Shift Gallery and after a four-year hiatus from working on her art practice, Fenoglietto tells me that she wants to keep perfecting her work. Wallflower closes this Saturday—check it out before it goes away forever.


Dawn Endean

Dawn Endean: A Dog’s Map of the World

Shift artist Dawn Endean is part of the invitational exhibit “You Are Here Too“, an exhibition of artists’ responses to maps and mapping, opening May 3, 2018, and continuing through August 30, at the Good Arts Building in Pioneer Square. The works will be spread between two galleries within the building: Good Arts Gallery, inside Cherry Street Coffee House at 700 First Avenue, and at  ’57 Biscayne Artist Studios, directly above it at 110 Cherry Street on both the second and third floors.


Karen Klee-Atlin: Boat Upside Down on Dock – Orange

Congratulations to Shift artist Karen Klee-Atlin for receiving the “Contemporary Hues” exhibition’s Juror’s Choice Award for her print, “Boat Upside Down on Dock – Orange”.

Klee-Atlin will be recognized and awarded her prize at the closing reception on January 7, 4:30-6PM. Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds WA.


January 10 – February 5, 2018

SAM Gallery: New Art, New Artists
Seattle Art Museum

Shift Artist Anna Macrae will be presenting all new work at SAM Gallery in January. This exhibition coincides with her show Making Marks at Shift Gallery.

Opening reception for New Art, New Artists is Thursday, January 11, 6-7:30 pm.

November 22, 2017 – January 7, 2018

Shift artists Karen Klee-Atlin and Dawn P. Endean are included in the exhibition “Contemporary Hues,” part of the larger exhibition “Territorial Hues – The Color Print in Washington 1920-1960” at the Cascadia Art Museum, Edmonds Wa.

November 10, 2017 – April 8, 2018


Making our Mark: Art by Pratt Teaching Artists

Bellevue Arts Museum

November 10th, 2017 – April 8th, 2018

Shift artists Eric Chamberlain, Dawn Endean, Stephanie Hargrave, and Jodi Waltier are included in this exhibition, opening at the Bellevue Arts Museum on November 10th. Making our Mark: Art by Pratt Teaching Artists is a commemorative exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of Pratt Fine Arts Center. The exhibition features work from over 250 Pratt teaching artists throughout the organization’s influential history.

August 2017

Anna Macrae at SAM Gallery

August 2nd – September 10th, 2017

SAM Gallery Artists at the Seattle Art Fair

Featuring Linda Davidson, Gabriel Fernandez, Eva Isaksen, Steve Jensen, Anna Macrae, and Ryan Molenkamp

Anna Macrae is delighted to have been invited to join the SAM Gallery. Macrae will have her debut exhibition during the month of August to coincide with her participation in the Seattle Art Fair. This exhibition will showcase all new work referencing her interest in abstracted landscapes.


July 2017

Dawn Endean at Gary Manuel Salon

Thursday July 6th, 2017, 5 pm-7 pm
Gary Manuel Salon

Join the artist for drinks and appetizers and view this collection of new work as well as some favorites from past exhibitions.

June 2017

Westside Studio Tour

Shift Artists Stephanie Hargrave and Dawn Endean

Friday June 9th, 2017, 4pm-10pm
Saturday June 10th, 2017, 10am-8pm
Stephanie Hargrave Studio
8631 17th Avenue SW

Join us for a tour of artists showcasing their work out of their local studios. Each host artist or stop on the tour has invited at least two guests artists to join and add their artwork to the display. Meet the artists, experience West Seattle, and enjoy the discovery of hidden gems!

Full Tour Map

May, 2016



Shift Pop Up Gallery
Saturday & Sunday, May 21st & 22nd
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
1941 First Ave South (right next door to Macrina Bakery)

Pop in to the Shift Pop Up and shop for selected work from Shift Gallery artists. Paintings, Prints, Encaustics and more. Many smaller and unframed pieces available.


January, 2016

Shift Artist Dawn Endean will be teaching a 6-week class; “Beginning Printmaking” at Pratt Fine Art Center. This course will introduce basic relief, intaglio and monotype printmaking techniques including painting on plexiglass, stenciling, ‘Pronto’ polyester plate lithography, shellac plates, collographs and linoleum cuts. First-time students are welcome; play and experimentation are encouraged! More Info at
Endean will also be displaying her work during the months of January and February in the Macrina Bakery Cafe, 1943 1st Ave. South in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood.

September, 2015

Shift Artist Dawn Endean will be included in the exhibition:
“The Printmaker’s Hand III”
This is the third exhibition of fine printmaking to be held at Northwind Arts Center and co-sponsored by Corvidae Press of Port Townsend. It is juried by Sam Davidson of Davidson Galleries, and showcases a wide range of styles and techniques being used by contemporary printmakers working in the northwest.There were 68 entries from printmakers in Washington, Oregon and California. Out of a total of 192 prints submitted, 54 were selected for the show, representing the work of 42 artists.

August, 2015


Shift Artist Dawn Endean will be teaching a 2-day Shellac Plate Printmaking Workshop at Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network
10 am – 4 pm, August 14-15

Information and registration at: Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network

March, 2015


Carmi Weingrod and Liz Tran will share images and stories about their month-long residency at the Babayan Culture House art-residency in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Sponsored by Seattle Print Arts. Refreshments served.
Sunday, March 8, 2-4pm
Magnuson Park Gallery
Building 30
7448 63rd Avenue NE
Upstairs and down the hall from the Officer’s Club

Dawn Endean in the group show Paper + Pigment at the Bellevue College Gallery.
March 4th – April 8th. Opening reception March 4th, 4-7 pm.
Juried by Margaret Bullock, Curator of Collections and Special Exhibitions, Tacoma Art Museum.

January, 2015


Carmi Weingrod in the group show
The Meaning of Wood – curated by Suze Woolf
January 15-March 30, 2015
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle









August 2014

C-Weingrod.against the grain1

image: Against the grain, woodblock print collage on Central WA meadow-aged plywood


June 2014
Queen BeeCrista Matteson

Shift Artist Crista Matteson is included in the The Schack Art Center’s 19th Juried Art Show, opening Thursday June 19th, 5-8:00 and runs through July 2nd.
More information at Schack Art Center

Matteson’s work is also featured in “Funny Bone: Humor in Art” at University House, Wallingford, 4400 Stone Way N. Seattle.

The show runs June 19th – Oct. 10th with an opening reception on Thursday June 19th 5:30 – 7:30.



Dawn P. Endean
to exhibit in “Pushing Boundaries – Expanding Horizons: 10th National Print Competition and Exhibition”

The Janet Turner Print Museum, in collaboration with the California State University Art Gallery, presents the 10th Biennial Print Competition and Exhibition Mon., January 27 through Sat., February 22.

This year’s juror was Anne Collins Goodyear, co-director for the Bowdoin Museum of Art, former associate curator of prints and drawings for the Smithsonian and president of the College Art Association.

The Turner Print Museum is located in CSU, Chico’s Meriam Library and is open Monday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. during exhibition dates. 

More information can be found online at The Turner’s website,






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