Stephanie Hargrave


I moved to New York in late February 2020 before news of the corona virus became officially serious. I got incredibly sick about a week after arriving, and was treated for bronchitis (or was it covid?). 

I recovered after several weeks, and got to work after that. I helped run an artist residency program in Brooklyn that included visiting the art fairs. It ended early due to the lock down, and the residents made it safely home. After that I basically stayed in for three months except to get groceries and exercise.

Without my usual art materials (encaustic and clay) or access to a studio, I began working on paper. These are tedious, time-consuming drawings later obscured completely with black ink. They start with a very smooth plastic surface and end in a rich black, prior details peeking through. To me they feel like the virus blanketing us all – like racism raising its revolting head . . . like society itself.


Entelechia 2, India ink, acrylic, Walnut ink on Yupo paper, 14 x11, 2020, $450