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Q&A with Stephanie Krimmel

A conversation between Stephanie Krimmel and Lynda Harwood-Swenson on the topic of Krimmel’s current show

Q&A with Kara Mia Fenoglietto

A conversation between Kara Mia Fenoglietto and Peggy Murphy on the topic of Fenoglietto’s exhibit

Q&A with Amanda C. Sweet

Q&A with the artists

The Uncertainty Principle

February 4 – 27, 2021 Open by appointment. Please contact individual artists (info below) or

Q&A with Hayla Ragland

Q&A with the artists

Q&A with Scott Coffey

Q&A with the artists

Q&A with Emma Jane Royer

Q&A with the artists

Hayla Ragland

January 7 ─ January 30, 2021

Krista Schoening

Cold Frame January 7 – 30, 2021 All of my work has historical art—mostly still

Emma Jane Royer

Mending Matters January 7 – 30, 2021 Everything wears thin, breaks, falls apart and is

Scott Coffey

Alone January 7 – 30, 2021 I am and have always been lonely. I have


Bounce The ability to rebound; spring The capacity to regain one’s spirit or optimism Bounce

Fall Members Showcase

A group of Shift artists are currently showing in the Shift Gallery. Viewings by appointment:

Jodi Waltier

Umbilical. Heavy word for heavy times.  Not easy putting into words just how all of

Cynthia Hibbard

Greening We all know that a Green picture is very disagreeable -advice on watercolor in