Requited Love

Dawn Endean, Inside Dog

Dawn Endean at Shift Gallery through Oct. 27, 2018

Stephanie Hargrave

For Dawn Endean, every new body of work begins with an image that intrigues her. After drawing it many times, if she still finds it intriguing, she begins the process of incorporating it into her printmaking using a variety of techniques. This body of work consists mainly of monoprints executed with drypoint on plexiglass plates. The pieces combine a drypoint image, which is repeatable, with layers of painting on plexiglass, which are unique. The resulting prints are either one of a kind or in some cases related series of unique prints. Also included here are several Shellac plate intaglio prints which are done in small editions.

Her current show at Shift, Requited, features the dog. A friend’s dog, Rosie, was the model, and had a shape that could be embellished with the use of perspective, poses, color or lack thereof, and shadow. A range of emotion is conveyed as this dog is printed in repose, looking pensive, feeling eager, being a bit naughty (paws creeping off the carpet onto the wood floors), or my personal favorite, Rosie Wait.

Endean’s fascination is with the vulnerability of these animals and how dependent they are on the humans they belong to. Some are lucky, and some unlucky, but all seem to accept their lot in life with grace, and take any kindness given to them, and return it (requite it) with matched or magnified kindness. The ‘quite’ in requite comes from an archaic verb meaning to set free or repay. The dogs Endean has crafted are the opposite of unrequited love. Whether pushed into a corner or free to languish in the light of a window, they are doing what dogs do so well – loving in return regardless of circumstance.