Simple Moments

Colleen Maloney through September 28, 2019

Hamburger at Harry’s

Peggy Murphy

In a world of digital streaming, sound-bytes and information overload, Colleen Maloney’s exhibition Finding Comfort is the perfect remedy for hectic and troubling times. Here she pairs her colorful monotypes with the poetry of friend and collaborator Linda Katz. Set against the freshly painted orange walls. Maloney and Katz’ work act like a soothing balm as we stroll through the gallery reading fine-spun poems and taking in the many nuances of these warmhearted prints

Maloney’s intention was to let herself use a wide range of subject matter and technique. Here we see images of flowers, food, friends, interiors, landscapes. There are fully developed images, lightly defined images, and views from every angle. With the underlying structure of a strongly defined drawing, Maloney uses color with freshness and exuberance–her oranges and blues radiate and textural areas flicker with color. The variable dynamic between press, ink and plate is highly unpredictable in the monotype process but Maloney plays this to full advantage. The dance between control and freedom gives these pieces an undeniable aliveness. Katz’ poetry, written specifically for the individual works, hit just the right note. Their brevity and conversational tone illuminate the prints in unpredictable ways and the experience of reading and looking give us the tangibility of a real moment in time.

In Finding Comfort Maloney and Katz give us the sensuality of life–the perfume of sweet peas, the palpable stillness of an empty room, the savory taste of a hamburger, the whir of lawn sprinklers, and the anticipation of freshly baked pie. They remind us to slow down and pay attention–that the simple moments count.