We, the members of Shift Gallery, extend our condolences to the immediate and extended family of George Floyd and so many other families who have experienced the senseless deaths of loved ones at the hands of those sworn to serve and protect.  

The recent examples of horrific police brutality, coupled with the sheer number of Black and Brown bodies, has shocked the collective consciousness of this nation.  We know that mere pledges to dismantle white supremacy and to be better are not enough.

To have an impact, we must examine what we do well and expand our footprint.  As artists, we can shape the creative process by becoming more compassionate and provocative in our work while all the time, promoting “permanent change”.  That phrase means encouraging the kind of change that shakes up the way things have been done in the past.  We must undo racism by examining our own prejudices and biases.  We must demand an end to police brutality.  We must become more compassionate for one another.  We need to divert more resources to homelessness, mental health and other social services.  

Our hope is that “we the people” can move forward and see more.  We commit to more self-education, more collective action and more support of causes that make a difference.  Black Lives DO Matter.  We support #BLM and other anti-racist organizations that are fighting to make a difference.  This is our moment.



Every community owes its existence and vitality to generations from around the world.  Some were brought here against their will, some were drawn to leave their distant homes in hope of a better life, and some have lived on this land for more generations than can be counted. Truth and acknowledgment are critical to building mutual respect and connection across all barriers of heritage and difference.

Shift Gallery would like to acknowledge that our members come from many places.  Our gallery operates on Indigenous ancestral land; the traditional territory of Coast Salish People, specifically of the Duwamish Tribe (Dkhw Duw’Absh). A people who are still here today.  We wish to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage through this small acknowledgment and through a yearly  donation of Real Rent to the Duwamish Tribe.