Jodi Waltier


Heavy word for heavy times. 

Not easy putting into words just how all of the research, experimentation and reflection over the past 10 months has affected me, my practice, my family and friendships but I shall try.

One can do that. Try. 

We all emanate from a womb with an amniotic sac that sustained us. We all were a fetus in utero. And right now, looking at the offerings that I have put forth for this show, I can fully see how radically these times have altered my perception of life as I know it. I perceive umbilical to mean supply line here. A central place where nutrients are delivered and utilized. 

Spurt. Connection. Abyss(mal). Cairn Cross-section. Spinal Lasso. Churned. Clavicle. Lost & Found. Gut Wrench. If I was a fetus in utero right now I would most likely choose to STAY PUT.

But alas, it is too late for me to turn back. Turn around. Duck and cover. Run and hide. So, I shall put in the work, be present and make an effort to BE the supply line. Join me, won’t you?

[Some time ago, I was gifted an old medical x-ray of a full-term fetus in utero by a clinic that was discarding files. This practice is not typically done any more, the x-raying of a fetus in the womb. I used up all but this one image during the course of an artist residency in that town as monotype printing plates for their size and smooth surface. The students loved the quirky images that seemingly had no personal connection to them, until I mentioned that these were all x-rays taken in town and there was a possibility that one of their relatives might be in one of these shots. What??? Yes my dears, one of us probably knows one of these arms, legs, hips, ribs, heads, etc., as family. Creepy? Crazy? Likely so. And right now this minute, when I stare at this lone x-ray, I wonder what became of this creature. This was taken in 1973, so that means if all went according to plan, this fetus would be 47. Wouldn’t it be swell if things went according to plan?]