Emma Jane Royer

Mending Matters

January 7 – 30, 2021

Everything wears thin, breaks, falls apart and is eventually destroyed.  In Mending Matters, an exhibition of paper and fiber-based works, Emma Jane Royer employs the laborious processes of sewing and weaving to find humility and humanity in the act of repair.  

Privileging seams, methods of construction, binding and attachment, and showcasing what would traditionally be the back as the front, the works present a subtle, but compelling visual conundrum: these pieces are highly regular and totally irregular at once.  It is this tension that brings to light a certain tenderness in the imperfect texture of our ordinary experience.

Read Emma’s Q&A with Krista Schoening here

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Emma Jane Royer, Flying Geese, Japanese paper with cotton thread, 27 x 21 inches, 2019, $2400
Emma Jane Royer, Larry, Recycled wool with silk thread, 55 x 42 inches, 2020, NFS
Emma Jane Royer, You’re taking up more than half the bed, Weaving with blue jeans and red shirt, 44 x 36”, 2018, $3400