Cynthia Hibbard and Susan Tureck | Facing Inward and Out

April 1st thru May 1st, 2021

Open Friday and Saturday, noon-5pm.

Taking inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s entertainment industry culture of the artists’ native Los Angeles, this work is a collaboration of narrative portraiture in ironic to offbeat paper forms.

Susan and I grew up on opposite sides of the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles in the 1950s and 60s but didn’t meet until college.  Our early lives formed separately but we both had brushes with Tinsel Town—her dad worked in the movie industry and the street I grew up on dead-ended at the main gates of the Paramount Studio lot. Since college we’ve been lifelong friends and occasional art collaborators.

We’ve based this show looking inward to our childhood and adolescent memories and experiences through abstracted portraiture that’s loosely inspired by movie stills, family, high school, comic book characters and the burgeoning TV culture of our youth.  The show also ranges out to touch on today’s typical small screen viewing that, for us, often centers on politics to Google searches to Instagram art.  The influence of all these real and manufactured images and narratives tie back to the entertainment industry dominance our formative years, which we address through ironic to offbeat portraiture in multi-media, paper forms. 

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