Amanda C. Sweet | Uncharted

April 1st thru May 1st, 2021

Open Friday and Saturday, noon-5pm.

Winter on the Sound is lichen-covered trees, Prussian blue rock pools, and bleached driftwood with distant glimmers of mica. My memory of these colors and their presence in my Northwest environment pile up in paintings through repeat spray and masking applications.

Water-based and solvent-light spray paint and masking fluid, coupled with Zen-painting methodologies, transform abstract landscapes in Uncharted into expressive extensions of myself. Working on the canvases from above, my relationship to the artwork in progress parallels my physical orientation when investigating the microcosmic life exposed twice daily at the shore.

The ultimate surface arrives after slow and evolving accumulation, while my mark-making is quick, gestural, and calligraphic. I’ve discovered painting as a mindful practice that helps me brace for the shifting seasons that lie ahead.

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