Matthew Harkleroad | Underlying Structures

January 4 – 27, 2024

Opening/First Thursday Art Walk: January 4, 5 – 8 pm
Artist Talk with Holly Hazelton: Saturday, January 13, 1pm

My process for image making is almost entirely spontaneous. I’m suspicious of planning too much because the simple interaction between me and my materials is infinitely more interesting, insightful and valuable to me than anything I could contrive beforehand. 

Certain choices and preferences do, however, run consistently through my work: a wide variety of rough, discarded materials; casual, unfussy techniques; contemplative, playful atmospheres; and an underlying fascination with structure

There is a certain constructivist logic that emerges naturally as I work, regardless of the materials. It’s like trying to describe an obscure architectural idea to friends at a diner using stir sticks, sugar packets and saltshakers. These curious underlying structures express themselves, regardless of material or context, and with minimal effort on my part.

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Matthew Harkleroad

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